We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave. Now who did that song?? Only in the 90's today; tomorrow's supposed to hit a 100! Leaving on vaca again on Thursday for the Jersey shore; had a dream about the rooming house we stayed in when i was a kid - thinking maybe of stopping in on the way to my cousin's place. Posting has seemed to have taken a vacation also as the room with the computer has no AC and the muse seems to be on vacation too. I know excuses, excuses. Lazy Leo reigns supreme.


Edie said...

Hi rdl,
i too do not have AC...have a beautiful, well treed yard so on most days am not bothered but prickly-heat sets in these days and working in the office is limited.
Also, thank you for being the first visitor with comments to my site. That made my day.
Have a good one, stay cool.

Jona said...

Our heatwave has passed and now we're left wondering if summer is over :o(

You have to promise to come back and complain about the heat, that way I won't be jealous, lol!

rdl said...

Jona, i can complain right now - it's over 100. Had to go to the movies today, too hot for the beach even- since the greenheads(flys) have invaded.
Edie- nice to see you here, I think your blog is off to a fabulous start - you seem like a natural. It's funny i thought of changing the name of this blog to Just Write.

MB said...

Stay cool, rdl! It was triple digits here for a week and a half... but you got more humidity, so I have added sympathy for you!