To do list


I thought maybe this would be a good place for that damn list, since those scraps of papers and notebooks don't seem to work and I never did figure out how to use that Palm pilot that i had to have for xmas last year.

Fold the laundry that has been on the living room couch for a week.
Do the laundry that has been on the laundry room floor for almost as long.
Sweep the floors.
Mop the floors.
Rent carpet cleaner and clean new rug (1 yr. old) in family room that looks 10 yrs. old already
Wash the damn white woodwork.
Water the plants.
Spray the weeds.
Mow the lawn.
Wash the windows.
Paint the inserts for the windows that have been sitting around for 5 yrs. since we got the "new" windows.
Put the already painted inserts in the sunroom/family room that was done last summer and i finally ordered ? 6 months ago and have been sitting in boxes since.
Hang the curtain rods and curtains in the living room. (it's be 6 yrs. in Feb.)
Attack the paper clutter
Bills, bills, bills - pay some maybe.
Phone calls.
Make Drs. appts.
Vets - ear medicine for dog.
Grocery shopping.
Balance checkbook ( Ha! - never)
Fix the gutters
Call the Fan man (need more ventilation in the attic - mold!!)
Call the Mason (chimney repair)
Buy Fireplace screen
Powerwash shingles on house
Bleaching oil - shingles on house
Get wood floors resanded
Apply granite sealer (supposed to be done yearly - it's been 2 - explains why it looks cloudy)
Finish staining fence with bleaching oil
Mulch in front of fence and house
Buy plants and plant them
Rehang the pictures in the living room (it was painted in March).
Spray attic rafters with bleach
Clean basement and work bench cause husband never will.

Are you tired yet? And that's just off the top of my head. What's on yours?
Oh yea - Take the dog for a walk. That just made it to the top of the list, cause as Scarlett would say, " I'll think about that tomorrow".


Alexandra G said...

I think you need a fellow bloggee to help you with this long, long list!!! oy! I say cross two things off and throw away the list! ( :

Marewheeee said...

That's why I go out :D

rdl said...

alexandra - i did cross off the top 2 - well almost that 2nd load is now on the couch! are you volunteering?
and Mare - come pick me up!!

Edie said...

imagine what borring people we'd be if we had no such list...if everything was always done. i'm glad that you also have better things to do with you time...
however, i'd cross that clean the basement/workbench thing off...if husband doesn't mind working in the mess let him...if he does mind, he'll clean it...might take time but it works for me with my guys...

rdl said...

edit - reminds me of a magnet i saw once - people with clean houses are boring. Husband doesn't work in the mess - yours truly does ocassionally and i can't find anything.

Mary said...

um, what's the deadline for all this?????

rdl said...

Mary - deadline?? never? just goes on & on, neverending. A round robin. just keepin the devil from my door.

Matt said...

RDL, this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I saw you visited the posting on my site about Rick Hoyt. I've found a different link and updated the video, so you can come back and watch it if you'd like.....

Matt said...

Oh, and now that I've read the list, I agree with Alexandra's original comment.....

Amishlaw said...

I agree with Alexandra g and Matt. Burn the damned list.

dakotablueeyes said...

Holy crap that's a long list. Well not compared to my monday lists that always end up with at least 200 things to do on it lol.