A doctor a day


is not as good as an apple a day. A little information is not good and too much information well, I don't know. The doctor of the day(actually past 2 days) was a chiropractor. A good friend of mine pestered me into- "Well it can't hurt, nobody else is helping you". She was right - he is a very astute doctor, albeit doctor of chiropracter and he had the decency to hand me a tissue unlike that other neanderthal that I saw the other day. And he identified my problems: all of them! - too many. And he said the reason the painkillers weren't working he thought was something called myofascial pain, brought on by sleep deprivation caused by depression. Hmm. He ordered some X-rays of the back to be done the next day before he would "adjust" me.

So today I take myself back up the highway to the Hospital, then I hand carry the X-rays to my new Dr. He goes over them - the bad news(all of which I already knew, cept for one): 1) I have osteoparosis ( but i guess seeing it on X-ray is not a good thing - i just found out on bone scan in July). 2) I have disc degeneration ( i was told this 20 yrs. ago), but I didnt' like the look of that stage 2 model - ouch! no wonder i have sciatica. 3) I have scoliosis (since childhood!! - how come i never knew this?)- tho a friend tells me unless it's more serious, they dont' treat it? maybe she's just trying to make me feel better, but i guess i've lived with it this long - probably the least of my worries. He went on some more but i will spare you the details.

Next we went to the treatment room where he adjusted me - a little clicking, no pain, just a little scary - it's been years since i've done this. Then just before he's leaving, almost out the door, he turns and says, " Is there anything else wrong?". Well, then the tears really started flowing, so he came back in and i blurted out " it's my marraige, a bad marraige, i'm so depressed". There it's out - i said it. He then says, well that's what this is all about, you have to do something, talk to someone; the prozac is not enough- it's written all over your face. He writes down someones name on a card and says i really like her, if she's still around. Then he asks my favorite question, " No thoughts of hurting yourself?". "No". "See you next week".


Mary said...

what a difficult time. things are moving though, RDL. you are taking action and you are getting help. And that it huge.

Keep going xoxo

Sky said...

oh, rdl, i am so sorry to hear all of this! i will keep you in my thoughts and send good energy into the universe hoping some of it will find you. :)

it is so true that sleep deprivation can cause your body much pain! it can do harm to your muscles which need the rest to maintain themselves properly. i had no idea about this connection until i was sleep deprived and in terrible pain with muscle ridges and muscle spasms. my doc immediately explained the connection. some anti-depressants interfere with sleep patterns. check to see if yours does if you are not sleeping well even though you are taking meds.

i have great faith in chiropractic, also in body massage. perhaps you could consider a massage if you haven't had one recently. this service is soooo worth the money, so helpful to muscles which are already in trouble. drinking lots of water is also helpful to muscle repair and maintenance. muscles and tendons and bones all work together or suffer together!

it is so important that you get the help you need if emotional stress is now affecting your health. i hope you will see the person he has referred you to. we all need support when circumstances are difficult in our lives. having someone there to help you sort out these issues and create a plan of action will be helpful, i think.

remember you are not alone. you have a cheering section rooting for you! you can send me your email via my blog since my comments are moderated and not published if you want to "chat" at any point. i will write you back.

rdl said...

You guys are the best!

Edie said...

rdl, i'm sorry to hear that you have way too much going on. With mary & sky, i send positive energy.

Also, i was wondering if you'd be more interested in the Beginner's assignments or the Intermediate's...let me know. I was going to post the beginner's...start at the beginning. i still don't have an alternative email worked out...i found hotmail to be unreliable

Patry Francis said...

A doctor a day keeps the apple away? Sorry, I couldn't resist. But seriously, I'm so sorry for all that's going on--and wish I was closer. I'm with the others in your cheering section--glad that you're moving to get the help you need. You WILL feel better soon; I know you will.

rdl said...

Edie, i'll take the beginners but thanks for the nice compliment of asking if i want the intermediate.
And Patry if your driving skills were better you could be here in 40 min. I'll be down tho, but i don't want to cry in the champagne.

Marewheeee said...

Oh Roni :(
I'm so sorry : (
It was fun last week at Michael's. Wish I could do more to help.

Jona said...

Geeze rdl I'm so sorry to hear things are so serious, and my fingers are crossed that they find a way to ease your pain. I'm also hoping other things find a way of improving for you too.

Take care.

MB said...

Oh, rdl, somehow I missed all this. I'm so sorry. Can I be part of your cheering section? I'm holding you in my thoughts and sending all good cybervibrations your way that I can!!!

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