Open studios


This is my friend,Michael Costello ,in his studio. I went with my friend Mary into Boston today, to see my old friend, for open studios. He is an amazing painter and so prolific. It was truly amazing viewing his works all hung and all beautiful right there in his studio. He's really come along way since we were working together at the Charles Restaurant. Michael always, and still does, made me laugh; which was a good thing when working with the public, especially snooty public. I am so glad that he doesn't have to do that anymore and is so successful. We did have fun, tho (maybe a little bit too much). I loved when he would grab a cocktail napkin off my bar and draw a caricature of one of the regulars (pains in the asses) -it was our little private joke.

The best thing that happened tho was when Tina Turner came and ate at our little restaurant, she sat in the private booth right next to the bar, and i could here her talking and Michael waited on her and drew one of those little caricatures of her. I told him to give it to her and he charmed her in his charming ways and we got front row seats to her concert the next nite in Providence, RI. It was her comeback tour (What's love got to do with it") and she was incredible with that voice, those legs, her whole persona. But then this post wasn't supposed to be about "the good ole days" (cause they weren't so good, were they? - we were incredible poor- but we had fun.) Of course we spent half of what we made all nite in a couple of hrs. at the bar after work. So all that said, Miquel, I'm really happy for you, congratulations! - you derserve it.


Dr. A said...

Great story. You're right, amazing artwork and studio. I can only imagine what it looks like up close.

Melly said...

Didn't you just have fun going to visit Michael? See, it's not just the good ole days. We're simply having fun in different ways!
Great story :)

rdl said...

Dr.A - you're right I should've taken more photos, that was just the 1 brick wall, 3 other walls were painted this brown/grey that really made the art pop.
Melly - It was fun but my damn arm has been ruining my mood - hence fun. Great to see you here and Thanks!

Lorna said...

And so many artsts don't make it---I'm a theatre groupie and I know tons of brilliant people whose genius will never be known. It's a killer, so I'm especially happy for your friend.

Patry Francis said...

I remember that Tina Turner story! Just think of all the great blog posts you'd have if you and Michael still worked together.

Glad you had a good time at the show. Great photo. Now I'm going off to follow Michael's link.


Musing said...

How cool! Loved the Tina Turner anecdote. :-)