Dream log


Dreamt about my son last nite. I was moving into a house down a long dirt road. I was to have a room in this couples house,don't know who they were,but they were taking me in. I was having the road paved for them(?) Then i decided to go back home, remember the feeling of being lost not settled lonely in this new house.(isn't that wild? dreaming about how you feel). I was also trying to get home to my son cause he was home alone all day. when i called him it was night and he hadn't eaten dinner. Then there was a picture of him sitting in the ice cream shop on the vineyard(where we were this summer) on the front page of a newspaper, and the article was something about how I was a bad mother for not feeding him i think. Boy guilt finds you even in your sleep. (my interpretation- troubled by my home life)
Had another the next nite, he was going to cross this really busy street and it looked really dangerous and I screamed at him not to. ( Guess I don't want him to grow up? or my fear of losing him)

Then I had one about my father ( who died last Nov. - wow i just realized it's almost a yr. doesnt feel that way, seems like it just happended).
He was alive (this seems to be a reoccuring dream - I remember I had these about my mother also). He had been living someplace else, didn't want me to take care of him.
I guess this is another guilt dream - since i went home from the nursing facility the night that he died after being there all day and always feel now that i should've stayed; tho at the time i felt like a child who just wanted to go home.

(I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, was cleaning out my draft folder and just couldn't delete it).
Any dream analysts out there?


FTS said...

No anaylyst here, but that's some dream. Sometimes I wish I dreamt...

dog1net said...

Recurring dreams as I have often discovered usually have to do with either unfinished business with others or unresolved issues in our personal lives. Until we discover what those things may be, there is a loss of acceptance and letting go. But until we do that, though, the dreams just keep coming.
P.S. I grew up in Pittsfield. Have you always lived in Massachusetts? Sometimes I really miss the Berkshires.

rdl said...

Scott, I've lived in Mass. most of my adult life. Started out in Amherst/Northampton area, then Martha's Vineyard(Cape Cod), then Boston for 7 yrs. and now I am halfway between Boston and the Cape. Also lived in. Calif., D.C., Vt., St. Croix,Virin Islands. I think that's it, was quite the gypsy. But I'm really a Jersey girl.