Make me no promises, I'll tell you no lies...


Ok I lied, I said I would finish that story the next day, now it's sitting in the draft's file with 80 others. Let's see even if i delete 1/2 i'll still have almost a months worth of posts. Yes I should've just finished the post at hand while i was on a roll - don't stop now as a wise friend once told me.

So today's excuse (and I have plenty of them) is the diagnosis of the day: posterior Interosseous nerve syndrome. The reason for my left arm pain as told to me in my allotted 5 min; cept that i wasn't satified with that and marched back into ask a couple more questions - wanted to get my $20 copay money's worth. Now I work in a Dr's office and know all about these drive-thru exams and surgery (gall bladder '03 and childbirth '94). Here's your hat, what's your hurry.
And now I can't even read about it on Web MD cause according to them it doesn't exist or he didn't spell it right for me, when I asked for him to right it down and I even called back and asked his assistant. Maybe they'll get back to me tomorrow.


MB said...

That sounds painful. I hope you get some relief soon! (from webmd) has an article:

I also hope to read the end of the story, but all in good time.

Marewheeee said...

:( sorry rdl
BTW Go check out Just Painting.

rdl said...

mb - thanks so much for the article!! you're good.
Mare - headin over.