Okay maybe I am slackin...


(note: i have no idea what it says under this picture - i just like the picture)

The project's been handed in (we only got an A-!! what the heck did the A & A+ people do - build skyscrapers?) And it seems that my blog has lost that 'joie de vivre' or more accurately - i have. It's cold,it's dark,and i'm achy. (I'll have another wine please?) What I really need is a plane ticket to someplace warm. No hiatus planned this year and frankly it's got me grumpy. If I didn't have the damn arm problems, I wouldn't have the damn medical bills to pay and I would be buying tickets and making reservations to someplace warm with palm trees and pina coladas or strawberry daiquiris or both- one for each hand(therapy).

Ok get over it. The good news is I don't have arthritis, just chronic tendonitis, itjjust better be gone by Spring is all i can say. I want to garden (remember I was the winner of the tomato contest last year!) and I want to pitch to my boy - even if he does have to duck them most of the time.