Brainstorming or here we go again..


This is my oldest draft dated 1/22/06 but i orinally wrote it back on 10/23/05.(desparate times call for desparate measures - in liew of any new ideas, i've decided to systematically or maybe not so systematicaly go thru my draft collection - all 81 of them!) I've thought about this name change on & off. Going to keep this at the top, and add new posts below, for a little while and see what comes up.

When I started this blog my bio included some about my past career paths and about never deciding what I wanted to be...(hence)when I grow up. Well if I am to continue in the blogosphere, i have decided that it needs a new name, since it is obvious i am never going to grow up, too late for that now. So in the spirit of moving on I am asking for help from any of you who care to cast a vote. Since I am also the queen of indecision I will take whatever help I can get. But maybe the name is premature, as I think I need to decide what direction this blog is taking; ie: random postings, whatever is on my mind at the moment(ie: ranting and ravings),life with luke(my wonderful boy),jokes, poetry,journaling, inspirations, musings,work stories - med/tech woes or bartender blues) all of the above.
Feel free to jump in here if the spirit moves you, hey I like that.
Xdenotes a previous vote.

Update: Just Write was removed from the original list as it was already claimed by my wonderful blog friend and writing coach, Edie. It seems she has since vacated this spot, but still it just wouldn't seem right.

Word lover
When the spirit moves you X
Jersey girl
Spaghetti and meatballs (?? don't know where that came from but it's evidently popular)XXX
Indecision Incarnate
When I grow up X( one vote to keep it) and another-X

Please feel free to add any or vote on those listed,still in the brainstorming stage here ( i know it's only been a year!)

Footnote : Also a major reason that I want to change this it that frequently on google searchs for "When I grow up" or "when I grown up poems", etc and tadah here I am and I don't think I'm what they had in mind for their little ones; specially not on Joke Friday. Now that would be the easy way out, just change it to Joke Friday.


Amishlaw said...
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Amishlaw said...

I vote to keep the name, "When I Grow Up." I like it because it implies that we're never done growing, no matter what our chronological age. My inner self is about 32, which I think is the ideal age. Particularly, Joke Friday's are appropriate for someone still not grown up. Too bad for the google searchers. They will soon see what you're about.

rdl said...

A-law: are you saying I'm immature? that's ok, cause it's interesting you mention the inner age(another saved post) so you're 32, i'm only 16 or 21, i can't remember.

Amishlaw said...

No, I'm not saying you're immature. I just think when we feel like we're all grown up, the fun of discovering what life is all about disappears.

Sky said...

Here are some ideas:

"From the Ground Up" (Idea here is foundation,growth, change)

"Perpetual Motion" (Aren't you most of the time?!) ;)

"Mix and Mingle" (Collections of ideas, stories, laughs, points of view)

Noelle said...

I just was looking at the site Daily Blog Tips and they have some great recommendations for prefixes & suffixes to make your blog name better.

However, I am kind of partial to your current name. It implies a nice kind of whimsy, and I wouldn't worry too much about the google searches. You just can't control how people get to your site.

rdl said...

Sky- you're right it does seem like perpetual motion, when I'm not crashing & burning.
Noelle - thanks for the tip - headin there now.

ipanema said...

When I Grow Up is a good title, rdl.

The Curmudgeon said...

If you must change -- and I don't think you need to or have to -- but, given this post -- how about "Caught in the Drafts?"

Marewheeee said...

When I Grow Up is the right name for the blog. Curmudgeon's answer is funny.

Rmaiah said...

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