Carrie & Big


Lest you all think i've turned this humble blog into a politico blog: I give you 2 of my favs with some great music to boot.


caimariemo said...

got the chills. love the music with this! did you watch my clip, it is so real. I thought of you while watching the other night. i wish it were still on--new & we could get together each episode and drink some wine. oh well we'll just blog about it together! =] miss u

Lorna said...

shed a tear or two, but I don't know if it was for the people, the dresses or the hair. Didn't matter. Who sings that song? Never mind I'll just go look.

Lorna said...

Not credited on Youtube, but it's The Fray.

Liquid said...

I think they should have married.
did I just say that?


rdl said...

Cai- that would be fun. hey we can watch the reruns!
lorna - yeah it's all good.
liquid- bite your tongue girl! that would ruin everything. :D