Blue Hyacinth and red jello


Well the highlight of my day was visiting my best friend in the hospital. For the few hours that i spent with her I felt like this is just where i belong; unlike when i returned home. I left home still angry with my step-daughter for her disturbing/disruptive ways. Since i am in a between reading a novel stage, and since i thought i need a book to distract me from my thoughts i brought along "Plan B- Further thoughts on Faith" by Annie Lamott - i love her! She was just the ticket - i am really glad that i went back home and got the book, when i realized that i had forgot it in my haste to get out of the house (of dread & gloom). Funny thing happened tho - after stopping at the store to pick up a plant - a blue & pink & white hyacinth ( i thought since she can't eat, she can feast her eyes and smell the wonderful scent.) When i parked the car in the garage to get on the "T"(subway) into Boston, i was juggling my purse, book, water and plant I dropped the book and bent to pick it up just as a car was turning the corner. I thought to myself - hmmph is this Plan B - put me out of my misery right here in this parking garage?
But i did make the right choice of reading material for my ride - just what the doctor ordered - some pearls of wisdom that seemed to be talking right to me.

When I got to Boston and to the hospital, i smiled as i remembered my old neighborhood, stomping grounds, and place of employment. I got on the elevator with a group of 4 Black young men - smelling faintly of marijuana - i wondered if maybe i could get a contact high and if some of their mellowness might rub off on me.

When i reached my friend's room she was asleep and looked a little pale and frail in that hospital bed. I was glad when she opened her beautiful blue eyes and after some conversation i saw some color come back into her cheeks.
My dear, wonderful friend, i hated seeing her in that bed but know that she is now on the mend and will soon again amaze us with her words, wisdom and wonderful way.
As i said as i left her side, "I love you."
Oh and thanks for the red jello ( and the memories).


ipanema said...

i hope ur friend will recover soon. you need breaks like this...away from domestic disruptions.

Panaderos said...

Glad to know that your friend is on her way to recovery.

That's a beautiful photo of the hyacinth. I love the color. :)

Sky said...

thanks for sharing your visit with us. i wonder each day how she is doing and am glad to get a tiny glimpse through your eyes and heart. you may have to fatten her up a bit when she is well - it is a shame i can't just carve off a few pounds of my own fat and share them with her later! ;)

beautiful hyacinth. ours are just beginning to open, and i love them and their fragrance.

Lorna said...

Hyacinth, good choice; book, good choice

Glad that Patry's doing well and that you had a part in that. We can all learn from her grace.

Patry Francis said...

Your hyacinth and your visit definitely brought a surge of life and spring and wonder into the room. Much needed.

Liquid said...

I just love you.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...


JC said...

Beautiful photo! An extra prayer for you and your friend. Keep your chin up.