oh ye of little faith


I was skeptical about this test(see post below) ( because i felt i could've answered some the questions differently(at different times) or both ways. So i took it again and yup it came out the same. Tho evidently this is just a maybe since you would have to take the Real Test to know for sure - for a small fee of course.
Actually I'm good with this assessment - if only i'd taken it years ago.
I've highlighted what i definitely agreed with. Interesting stuff, now go take yours and report back.


Here are some interesting facts about ENFP personality types. If you'd like to find out if you're this type, you can take the genuine Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® online now by clicking on the image to the left. You can take different versions of the test, including the expanded Step II with the 20 subscales. Look at the sample reports before you decide.

3rd most frequent among education majors in college.

In national sample "Leisure Activities," overrepresented in "Writing," "Appreciating art," "Playing musical instrument," "Listening to music," "Reading"; underrepresented in "Watching TV for leisure" and "Watching TV 3 or more hours per day."

Academic subjects preferred: art, English, music.

In national sample, lowest of all types in liking work environments where "Everything is done by the book"; 1 of 3 highest types in liking "Independence & achievement," "Teamwork," and "People from different backgrounds."

Most important feature on an ideal job: creativity and originality.

In national sample, dissatisfied with "Promotions" and "Salary"; satisfied with "People I work with" in their jobs.

With ESTJs, had highest total coping resources of all the types.

Ranked 1st of all 16 types in using social and emotional coping resources and 2nd in using cognitive resources.

In national sample, ranked lowest in coping with stress by "Developing physical symptoms."


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Sky said...

this was very interesting for us when we did it. hubby and i just did this testing last year when he was tested prior to a week long workshop sponsored by his employer. i was so interested in it that i took the test, too. i agree about the different ways qts. could be answered. but, it all worked out, and the results described us each very accurately.

Lorna said...

I've been tested a few times, and had always come out an INTP: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. Most recently, I seem to have come out of my shell and become an ENTP. When I read the characteristics and relationships attributed to INTP, though, I feel most comfortable. Maybe I was lying the lasttime.