"D" list


Awhile back I did a list of "S" words and it was suggested that I do "D".
so here i go:
disheartened,disillusioned, dilemma, decision, decisive(I'm not), deliberate, disenchanted, delusional(I am), dysfunctional(no comment), daunting, dilettante, disguise, Divorce, dysthymia,dissuade, delve, delicious, downtown,diary,dreamy, dance, dog, deep, dove,diamond, disaster, date, dope, drug, dessert,drink, discuss, dissect, develop, delude, dine, disengage,dumbfounded,delve,decolletage,disaster,develope, doze, dingbat,deck,discussion,disdain,disorganized,disturbing,disgusted, divine

So you wanna buy an O. Go ahead pick a letter, you know you want to.


Noelle said...


Lorna said...

my favourite of all those is"decolletage" and I also like "dilettante"

rdl said...

noelle- good one, good thing i have dictionary.com over on my sidebar.
lorna- not so fond of dilettante (fraid i might find my pic next to it in the dictionary) i of course would prefer writer, musician, artist, actress or such.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

ooh, this is fun...dandy, deranged dig,droll,defer......dug :)