Dreamt about that old brown Rambler, that I still have it - a reoccurring dream. What does it mean? Vestige of my past that I'm trying to hold on to? reclaim? reinvent myself again?
I bought that brown Rambler on the Vineyard - another one of my $500 specials. Had a lot of those. My first car was a Red Rambler - push button convertible that my uncle, who had a gas station in the Bronx, got for me. I thought i was very cool at college with that car. But back to the brown rambler - when i moved to the Boston area it was a liability - i was forever getting tickets til i finally got the boot - a huge metal contraption so you couldn't drive off til they eventually towed it away and impounded it. I remember I paid more than i paid for the car to get it out. I wanted them to just keep the car but they told me I'd still owe the money. Then when i moved in town and i didn't use the car much, cept on wkends to get out of town, i would invariably lose it. I literally would forget where i parked it after a week and have to go look for it. So I sometimes have this dream that i still have the car and i'm looking for it.
Did a search of "dreams" on my blog.
What strange/reoccurring dreams do you have??


Patry Francis said...

I loved that Rambler!

My recurring dream/nightmare is that I forgot I was supposed to be watching a baby and I've left it home alone or in the airport, at the beach or wherever. Sometimes the dream mind comes up with some pretty creative locations.

Wonder where this comes from?

rdl said...

P: oh i've had that left the baby alone one too. mother anxiety for sure!

Sky said...

i had a rambler, too! mine was a more golden brown color.

i have a recurring dream location of waterfalls and a nearby cemetery. strange combination. it is never a nightmare which occurs there but always a strange dream with some kind of problem to solve. driving in the area can be problematic - sometimes i have difficulty traversing the area. i seem to recognize the area as familiar, even inside my dream. strange stuff, dreams!

rdl said...

sky - interesting one! I've had that difficulty traversing and problem thing too.

Lorna said...

I often dream I am Tarzan. Wannabe crossdresser? friend of chimps? I don't know.