Weird dreams lately and remembering them because i wake up so often.

Last nite dreamt about Dad that he was still alive and kickin - very much so-no walker and he had a new lady friend (number 4 - he was married 3 times). But the rational side of me couldn't understand how he was still alive- after all I had spread his ashes at the Grist Mill in Plymouth that runs out to the Bay/Ocean. (I passed this on a walk yesterday while waiting for my son to get out of sunday school - guess that's where this one came from). The dream was Sci-fi like - mirror planets and such.

I dreamt last week that i was yelling for L.(my son) not to cross the street beacuse a car was coming at him. He was ok; but the driver got out to yell at L., tho it was clearly his fault (because you know how you can see everything in dreams), - i had figured out that he had stepped on the gas instead of the break when he saw him and he was about to yell/blame L. when mama hen read him the riot act. I think i know where this one comes from - my biggest fear - that i will lose him.

So it seems that my dreams are my unfinished business with Dad( and others) and my fears(mostly regarding my son)
What do you dream about?


Patry Francis said...

Love the Chagall. It captures the spirit of dreams perfectly.

Amishlaw said...

I haven't remembered any dreams lately. Does that mean I'm sleeping soundly? I do remember a few dreams from over the years, but none I'm going to discuss publicly.

chuck said...

Water...swimming...aquatic consciousness.

Water transports me and gives my consciousness a 'lift'.

Chagall paints to my soul, too.

Jona said...

Funnily enough I've been remembering my dreams of late too! Like you, children and accidents occur, but the wierdest thing has been an alligator who keeps popping up and trying to eat things - last night I goggled what it meant (apparently I'm not facing something...ho-hum ;o))

Mary said...

I envy people who remember their dreams ... I would love to, but only manage it very rarely.

Dorothy said...

I dream weird stuff. Mainly houses. I have this weird fixation in never never land with houses, I guess...lol. The dream with your dad...yeah, sounds to me like you need to finalize something...or it could be just his way of saying hello. I know loved ones who die come back to do that in the weirdest ways. Dreams, real life, a leaf that falls from the tree, a special song...they have a different way of communicating...;o)