boardwalk food


mmmmmm, my mouth is watering like my dog, Jackson's, does. Let's see i've already told you about the french fries in the paper bag; on to Italian ices: lemon, rasberry, chocolate, orange - a regular treat; they came in these white pleated cups that were quite soggy by the time you were finished.
Then for ice cream, my flavors of choice were : vanilla fudge(which is hard to find these days), mint chocolate chip (still one of my favorites and then a real treat a double cone with one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of orange sherbet - like a creamsicle; oh yea and blackberry with chocolate sprinkles or if you were really lucky a banana split. Sometimes for a special treat at night we would walk up to this place across from the boardwalk that served waffles with ice cream on them - carbs and sugar - joy.
Ocassionally we went to Asbury park ( yes of Bruce Sprinsteen fame) where the amusements were. There you could get candied apples - a macintosh apple on a stick covered with this hard red substance - the sweet and sour flavor was wonderful. Another favorite to be found there was cotton candy - how could anyone resist that pink confection?
I'm ready to get in the car and drive down there right now.


Amishlaw said...

Stop it!! You're making me hungry.

Jona said...

Sugar rush food! Don't think I will let my kids see this post ;o)

Lee said...

That toffee apple looks good!

chuck said...

"And on this edition of Iron Chef...
the secret ingredient is SUGAR."

(hee hee)