Hot, hot, hot


Too hot to post. Is that a lame excuse? We don't have central AC - the bedrooms have window ones as do the kitchen/din. rm and the sunroom. And here i sit with the fan in the den - need i say more? goin downstairs to have watermelon or maybe an ice pop or maybe another cold beer. What are you all doin to escape the heat?


Marewheeee said...

97 degrees today and that's 200 yards from the ocean but as soon as I crest the hill near the seawall, it's about 20 degrees cooler!
Seabreeze YES!
I set up my rather questionable CVS 'brelly' and plunked myself in a beach chair with a book about Eugene O'Neill and the early years of the Provincetown Players, a couple of frosty diet cokes and some water in a small cooler.

Lee said...

It's 8.4 deg here, what heat?

Jona said...

You need a weather girl so we can see how hot it is with you!

And I sit in my den at the back of the house, as it's the coolest room in the house. Maybe I should sit in the fridge?

Cate said...

Grateful for the AC, but I also had several "refreshing" drinks yesterday--a water tower's worth of water, a Venti Double Chocolate Chip Frappachino, and two cold beers.

The heat index here today is supposed to reach 105-108! I hope it's, at least, a bit cooler where you are!

I don't even feel like moving!

Dr. Charles said...

i'm staying late at work!