no happy medium


Why is it that i can't stay on an even keel? just my nature or just the way the cookie crumbles. Sometimes I am in a controlled mode-I can do this - get the house cleaned, bills paid on time, papers organized, calls made, appointments kept, etc. etc. You can even find me up at midnight sweeping the floors and paying bills. And other times I'm in the overwhelmed mode - stickin head in sand, as far down as it can go - I can't possible do all of this (sh-t!), so I won't do any of it - just get in the car and go- escape.
I guess maybe I need:.... Yoga (to learn how to relax) and time management ( to learn when to) and some good organizational skills. Did they teach any of this in school? or was I staring out the window when they did?


Jona said...

I didn't stare out the window, but if they did teach it, I was bunking off ;o)

And you and I are so alike it's scary!

rdl said...

jona- separated at birth eh?

Marewheeee said...

Take the meds man. Wasn't that a Cheech & Chong bit?
Seriously, we artistic types are all alike.
It's a seratonin thing.
::::::grabbin' a prozac::::::::::