I double dare ya!


Double "D" dare ya; prompted by Cate and because Patry thought that was my letter - hope it's not because i'm depressed (duh-ah - as only the kids know how to say - in as "ya think?"(with just the right touch of sarcasm.) deranged,delusional,disillusioned,disappointed,depraved, deprived, dumbshit, dope, disgust, despair, doubt,dissuade,disabled, dread, dish, damn, drat, drag, drained,diet, dumbfounded,
display, discern, devote,diary, drive, delirious, dance, delight
dilettante - I hate this word because I'm afraid they could put my picture along side in the dictionary. Music(piano), photography, writing- just pick one and DO it or do all 3 just
Decide- one of my biggest problems - Indecision- a friend once dubbed me Indecision Incarnate.
Doom & gloom - another friend dubbed me this. - it's a wonder I have any friends at all.
Divorce - the D word that came out about a year ago and which I dwell on a daily basis unfortunately. It really is one of those words that once it is out - look out.
Dilemma- a state I am in.
I think this should be a new meme, come on I double dare ya, pick your letter, start your engines and report back!


Cate said...

I enjoyed your word list!

I'll be a dilettante right along side you. Maybe we could start a club? :)

Have a great Fourth!

rdl said...

Cate, I think you are way ahead of dilettante, but you can join if you like. :D

Mary said...

Wishing you a resolution to your dilemma whatever it may be. I feel I know you a little bit better now.

I hope too that you get to experience more Dance and Delight ...

Patry Francis said...

I'm with Mary on the dance and delight.

You said so much here; D really was meant to be your letter.

rdl said...

Mary-Thanks, me too.
Patry- Damn i left out determined; but i just like those "S" words so much more, so sophisticated and sexy.