Tomato contest


I love contests. This is my 3rd online i think. I've won a literary magazine that's all; but it's fun nonetheless. This one is the Tomato contest sponsered by Dr. Charles. I am delinquent in posting my contestants, so here they are - all 5 of them! Since they kind of blend in with the background vegetation here are some more pics of the lovelies.

a close-up of the grape tomato - the only one with blooms

and tomatoes!! The other 4 are Beefsteaks (my favorite being from NJ) and it will be a miracle if they have tomatoes by Oct. with the weather that we have been having.


Cate said...

This is our first year for growing tomatoes, so I just loved this post! And you made me smile when you referred to your plants as "contestants!"

Good luck with the contest!

Dr. Charles said...

looks fine, this summer's weather has been really challenging to grow anything well. keep it up, maybe you'll win :)