Chuckles the clown


" A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants"
Quote from Chuckles the clown of the Mary Tyler Moore Show fame.

His Obit:
The tragic death of Chuckles the clown crushed by an elephant while he was wearing a giant peanut suit as master of ceremonies of a parade.

Immortalizing a clown that never existed. I love it.
Possibly the best MTM show ever. The funeral scene where she gets the giggles is a classic.

(Found this is the ole drafts file, don't know where i was going with it (but what else is new). - i know my cousin & I were having a laugh about it last yr. before L's Bar Mitzvah - when we thought we might get a case of the giggles if a certain family member coughed throughout the ceremony - unfortunately/but luckily she didn't make it because i just know we wouldn't have been able to contain ourselves)


Lorna said...

Just thinking of that episode leaves me weak---I'm not sure I could ever watch it again.