The Boston Redsox are once again the American League Champions!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!

I tried for about 10 minutes to find a picture of Papelbon doin his Riverdance victory dance but to no avail. I am too dog tired from staying up last nite. I had to drive my son to school late and dragged myself into work. I dont' think i was really awake til after lunch.


Lorna said...

Sox? American League? it's all greek to me...

Anonymous said...

Hi! if you don’t mind may I invite you to participate in photo meme every monday. thanks and have a good day!

weekend snapshot

ipanema said...

so, did you bet on it? how much did you win? hahahaha.

anyway, congratulations if it's your team. or the team you're rooting for. :)

don't forget your photo hunt entry. :)