Well it seems that I am one to go to extremes. I went from posting daily for a month ( Nanoblopomo) to practically abandoning my blog (cept for Joke Friday - that, it appears I am committed to). I have as many excuses as days in the week. My arms and Christmas having been the top contenders.
With New Years just around the corner, I've already begun thinking of those damn resolutions ( that I refuse to make, because I never keep them) but i silently think of them anyway- so to get it out of the way early - here goes:
1)Eat less/better (stop buying anything but coffee at Dunkies!).
2) Exercise more (especially those damn arm exercises).
3) Read more
4) Write more
5) Practice piano
6) Get to those photo albums. (or at least get an external hard drive to put them on so I don' t lose them, next time the computer decides to crash).
7) Finish unfinished projects ( that could take the remainder of the year).
8) Keep in touch with old friends more.
9) See local friends more.
10) Laugh more.
I'm sure there are more that I can add(like be a better person, complain less, do more) but 10 seems like a good number so i'll stop here.


Matt said...

I have but one resolution each year -- I resolve to NOT make resolutions that I know are going to go by the wayside in one week anyway;-)

Happy New Year!

- Matt

Lorna said...

funny how as we get older and wiser we get older and cynical. I<'m resolving to be even more Polyanna than ever, and damn the torpedoes.

Rhea said...

I'm getting some resolutions together, too. I am actually setting deadlines to accomplish some of them. I am pretty good at keeping them. I usually can keep one or two out of five.

ipanema said...

No resolutions for me. :) Happy New Year!

Marewheeee said...

lose 20 lbs
painting a day
and all the ones that you wrote down!
Happy New Year rdl