S' words


I got this idea over at Simply Wait.
I once wrote a whole list of "S" words, (yes the obvious ones of course I'm sure - sexy, sensual, seductive I was in my 30's then,ok.),sumptuous, salsa , Spanish, salt,sea, sweets,Satindoll,silk,sheets,scent,snow,swim,slip,
sand,shell,spaghetti,sauce,supper,steambath, sauna,stoned,spliff,savor,satiated,sound,saxophone,
secret,sister, soul,story,save,seeking,spiritual.

and then there was:
Sam - our 11 yr. golden retriever who died 2 yrs. ago and who we still refer to as the best dog on earth.
Steppenwolf and Siddhartha - by Herman Hesse -read in college
Silver - my preferred color in jewelry
Simon & Garfunkle Sounds of silence ( an old favorite)

You are not going to believe this, but I found that list in an old notebook/journal from the early 90's:
S'words: silence, solace,secret, seductive, sedate, sexy, sumptuous, sweet, scent, special, serious, sober, somber, sentimental, silly, silvery, surprise, serendipitously, sorid, sad, stupor, severe, sacred, steamy, scintillating, sarcastic, supercilious, somnolent, sacrifice, safari, slippery, stunning, scantily, superstitious, scrutiny, support, shave, savory, sustenance, summer, sorrow, suppose, suculent, slumber, swim, supper, super, stupendous, saciate, sinfully, suddenly, surmise, strength, sail, safe, sage, salubrious, saint, sane, sound, satisfy, sauna, saunter, save, savoirfare, sparkle, shine,sea, sun summer, sacrosanct, savor, silky, sight, sound, salsa, sleep solve, salve, stop.
Well, i was going to do more with this but my head is spinning so i suggest stopping and moving to Simply wait where the much more motivational"M" migrated.


Patry Francis said...

Great job on the S words, but I thought you were doing D?

rdl said...

Did you give me a D? damn

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I can't help feeling that there must be a purpose to this. Somewhere. Perhaps an 'S-sense' of sorts.

Lee said...

Have I been asleep? - what happened to A-R?

rdl said...

j cosmo- i was thinking i forgot that important one--sense- probably causing i'm missing that one :( The purpose was just a writing prompt - tho i think I could've done better like i said. and Lee- You sleeping in class again? pick a letter and do it.

Melly said...

What? How come I didn't get a letter?

Great S list!

rdl said...

Thanks Melly, you can have any letter your heart desires.

Cate said...

As much as I enjoyed your S list, I'm cracking up over these comments! I'd love to see what you could do with "D!"