Act your age


Ok some of us are bored/ not watching the Superbowl. I warned you about these old drafts - this one is from 4/06. Please comment on yr. inner age.

How old would you be if we didn't know your real age?
I think I am basically stuck in adolescence; somewhere between 16 and 21(definitely not a day over 30). The quintessinal peter pan - I won't grow up... don't wanna go to school. Just sittin here still waiting for my ship to come in(the world is my oyster) or that knight in shining armour to show up. I guess i read too many of those damn fairy tales, that's for sure. Good thing I didn't have a daughter I probably would have forbade her to read Cinderella. How bout you?? How old are you really??


dakotablueeyes said...

5 with my new birthday bike riding on the sidewalk

Marewheeee said...

I am really young. Maybe about 12.
Arrested development and all ;)

Matt said...

I wish I had read this one first; I revealed my real age in the next blog entry. My mother has always said that I was 3 going on 30, so by transferring that I'd be 36 going on.....

- Matt

The Curmudgeon said...

I recently blogged about this: My Oldest Daughter turns 23 soon... but that's the age I've been using for awhile... with decreasing credibility, apparently.

Even though I tell people I went to grammar school in the '60's and learned the New Math. I can therefore prove, using Set Theory, that I am still 23.

So I was trying to decide if I should change numbers.

But inside? Maybe 4, sometimes 14.