Lunchtime memory from when you were little:

In Grammar school(that's what we called Grade school - grade K-8) I went home at lunchtime. Sometimes my mother would get creative and the plate would have celery and olives that made a smiley face. I remember tuna fish sandwiches on white bread, cut on the diagonal and a steamy bowl of cream of tomato soup with Ritz crackers on the side to crumble in. On the way back to school I would stop in the corner candy store for some penny candy. Sometimes if i had a nickel, i would wait til after school to stop in and get a milky way or three musketeers. Once in awhile I would get a skybar - eating the favs first or sometimes saving the best for last. I liked the vanilla best,then carmel,chocolate, peanut last. Then there were those multi-colored buttons on the paper and the red wax lips. I don't remember what was the appeal of those buttons on the paper as I was never adept enough to eat them without also eating the paper as well. As usual it's all about the dessert.

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dakotablueeyes said...

no fair we never got to leave school for lunch grrrr

rdl said...

dakotablueeyes - I bet you have some good cafeteria stories tho.

Marewheeee said...

We walked to and from school most of the time. Only a few times was I far enough away to ride a bus. It was SO COLD too, like it's been, and there was no second car so even though she was only a little over a mile away, my mother couldn't drive us.
There was plenty of candy buying on the way home. When I drive through the town I grew up in there's a huge Walgreens where the block of old stores used to be and on the other side of the square there's a Dunkin Donut where another entire block of little storefronts once stood. I use to buy my parents little 50 cent knick knacks from the Lincoln Store, owned, of course by Mr. Lincoln. Had a whole candy section and cheap toys for like 5, 10 and 15 cents. I used to stop on Saturday on my way home from "Sunday School" (the Catholic version) and buy little presents for my younger sibs. One time I had a dime and a nickel in my hand and I had to ask Mr. L which one was more money 'cause the nickel was bigger than the dime!
Imagine, we were walking a mile to the town center when we were that young!

Lorna said...

for us, it was always sandwiches---mock chicken featured a lot.

The Curmudgeon said...

I always took the alley going home for lunch. Sidewalks were for grownups; alleys were for us kids.

Bozo's Circus was on at home and I had my peanut butter and jelly and watched with my mom.

I use the sidewalks now; most alleys turned out to be scary places. And Bozo's gone now and so is my mom. But I still have my peanut butter and jelly every day at lunch.

We don't grow up, not really. We grow like trees, a new layer every year. Like trees, our bark wrinkles over time. But inside here, the little boy who ran down the alleys still lives.

V....Vaughan said...

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Patry Francis said...

I can still taste those tuna sandwiches on squishy white bread. Next time we get together we'll have to have one--just to see if they're still as good.