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R. Laban

Really, I've been wanting to post, but it seems all I do is run around, mostly in circles. The boy, turned 13 last week and next week is his Bar Mitzvah. It seems much more work than my wedding was. Both about the same size - 38 people. But for my wedding all i remember doing was choosing the dress, the menu and the piano player.
This has involved umpteem trips to walmart and the party store and I still have upteem things to do. Not to mention working on the program, centerpieces, prizes, playlists (no DJ) - well son is working on that mostly. Next week will not be fun but hopefully it will all go smoothly next Sat.


ipanema said...

Oh, belated happy birthday to him. Busier than your wedding eh? :)Everything will turn out fine. :)

Lorna said...

just don't forget to put "enjoy it all" on your to-do list.

Marewheeee said...

wish I was there. It will be fun.

rdl said...

thanks guys! just can't wait for it to be here already so that will mean that i got everything done and i'm coiffed and dressed and finally relaxing with a glass of wine.
Mare, I so wish u could be here too!!

MB said...

Remember to have some fun, too!