Everything blog


Can't stop bloggin:
ok is this just another addictive behaviour or a real need?

Can't stop writing
It this all just drivel? Why do I feel compelled to write?

Blog obsessed:
just can't stop blogging and to think i used to say i was giving it up. I need a purpose tho. make people laugh/think,amuse/entertain.

One more blog:
Oay what am I, a blogaholic? Hi my name is RDL, I'm a blogaholic. Just one more blog. Looking for that perfect blog.

Blog culture:
The blog people, like the village people- when was that? the 70's? can't even remember their music really. So who are the blog people?

Short attention span theatre??
So what about those blogs then. Are we just scanning as I read about in an article?

So many blogs, so little time (can see a t-shirt of that.) ok i guess i should stop drafting and just post. but what do I do with all those drafts? methodically go thru them and delete or post. I have 40(make that 74) saved drafts, granted most of them are just ideas, some evem just titles. how many do you have?

Dreamt that i was at a bloggers convention- meeting some of you, maybe that's where i really wish i was.

Reality blogging:
So I wonder when we will see reality blogging(blogging in your bathrobe- not gonna catch me with one of those webcams). Like a day in and day out Ozzie Osborne style. That would be pretty frightening in my house.


Lorna said...

I am too vain to have any drafts left; and when I hold my big Bloggers Party, I hope to see you in your bathrobe.

Marewheeee said...

Not a single draft. Unlike all the unfinished paintings I have over the years.
The blog has put new life into my work. I'm posting and people are looking. I think this is a very exciting way of bringing yourself to the audience.
Thanks for introducing me to Duane!

Marewheeee said...

Blogging blogging bo bogging
banana fana fo fogging
me my mo mogging
Sorry, I can't help myself :D

rdl said...

mare- love the song, surprised i didn't think of that. :D