Computer hell


Well I'm posting from hell, cause i'm still here i'm afraid. It's been a terrible couple of days and even tho i sit here typing - who know for how long. well just to update you, they replaced my hard drive and took pity on me and only charged me $130 instead of $250 like last yr. But when i brought the computer home, my troubles just began. couldn't get my email or get online. call in to the cable company and they say no problem here must be your modem, so i ran down to the cable co. with 15 spare.Then when i was happily opening mail and cruisin, my screen went gray with the message "out of range" - what the hell does that mean?? more phone calls and unplugs later i give up and go to bed. (Did i mention i can't get the laptop on either?) Trip # 3 to the computer store, just to be told - it works fine here, must be somthing at yr. house - yea that damn polergeist is at it again. Then today i replace the surge protector, hoping but not believeing that that is it as the techie says it might be, or yet another part in the computer. i'm given the option of giving the hard drive back, losing all my data and starting over with a new computer. I say i'll take it home and give it another try. get everything plugged in again and open my email, just to discover there is a virus that can't be fixed or quaranteened. then it does the out of range/shut down thing. next i try getting on my blog - no can do. i finally get on via my friends blog - where i stop to leave a message - no can do -just like the other nite- i'm cast out - so what the f? am i doomed/cursed. did this all start on 6/6/06????


Jona said...

You poor thing! Truely you have my sympathies as I know I'd prefer to have the TV, music and car taken away over my PC.

Good luck, and get a second opinion on the virus, just in case.

Sky said...

oh god, it sounds like me about 6 years ago when i had fantasies about throwing the laptop i had into the creek off my back deck. it was a nightmare which i never could fully resolve. i always thought it was "windows millenium" causing my problems!

you could try scanning your computer for viruses or spyware here to see if you get a different report than you are getting on your own anti-virus program.

i send you good wishes for a quick recovery. :)

Wenda said...

Oh dear, what a nuisance. Is the window between you and your neighbours still in tact. My computer might be sitting in the newly greened trees by now if my computer was this uncooperative.

Hope the story ends well.