Fifteen minutes of fame


Well, my fifteen minutes of fame (wasn't it Andy Warhol that coined that phrase?) are over; now what? I must admit that even tho the shy virgo in me was aghast at being caught "with her pants down", the Leo in me totally enjoyed the attention ( the virgo(critic) realizes that somehow doesn't sound right, but i'm too tired to care . So looking for more attention....over at my New Poems blog I've posted my first ever attempt at Haiku-it was fun, kind of.
Someone left a comment once, asking if anyone knew of my poetry site(side) of me; so I guess I will toot my horn as they say and direct anyone who hasn't found it on their own to go to a peek. As writing goes I guess I consider myself a poet first, journal writer(blogger) second and aspiring comedic writer, journalist, wannabee short story/novel writer last.


rdl said...

Sky & Mary- was so pleased to see you guys over at New poems, forgot to mention Old poems (also in my fav. links over in the side bar), some of my older but favorite stuff.