Too pooped to post or Just shoot me


This weekend almost killed me, or the past 3 days I should say (Friday was my day off -ha! - I'm almost looking forward to work tomorrow cause it will be easier than juggling a 12 yr. old boy and 86 yr. old MIL(mother-in-law). I was just going to cruise my fav blogs as the title *belies my state of mind, but then i got the pull - that gravitational tug. Anyway the 2nd part of the title - Just shoot me - became my key phrase this wkend. and my (wonderful) son/ (beautiful) boy heard me and said - "hey, that can be the title of your book", my perceptive Pisces - what a dreamer.
Well to say this weekend was grueling, would be an understatement. Too many balls in the air (remember the real estate course that I'm supposedly studying for - bedtime reading - really! but I am already working it - did some photos for my friends listing). See i just like the creative side of it - the picture taking and copy writing. just goes to show ya, as they say.
anyway, back to the story at hand, put in 10 hrs. on friday , madly unpacking. then back sat. for some more, after dropping the boy at the ball field for a 2 hr. practice; then some shopping for needed items at the new place. Today we dropped her at the apt. with the new things to do some work on her own, while I took the boy to sunday school and then to baseball pics. then back to help MIL, then finally back home to do yard work, then to the food store, a couple of loads of laudry and here I sit, not for long - time to unload the dryer and fold.

*(i like the sound of that word, but just looked it up and I guess it is out of context here - but as i said , i just like it, so it stays)


Patry Francis said...

sounds a lot like my weekend...Hope you can get some rest at work!

Lee said...

I'm plum tuckered out just reading it all.