Just got out of a 12 (well ok only 10) hr. real estate class. Feel like I just had a basketball full of information jammed into my pea size brain. I can't remember the last time I even took an 1-2 hr. class - yea i can - CPR maybe 2-3 yrs. ago, and there you got to play with dummys. And the worst thing is that I have to get up and do it again tomorrow. Better get some brain sleep.


Mary said...

Yes, it can be physically exhausting working hard mentally. Hope the second day wasn't too bad ..

Lee said...

The good news is that after the basketball into the pea step, the brain is stretched and bigger the next day.

I think.

rdl said...

Mary- 2nd day was not as bad as the first but close. :D and Lee I'm hoping that you are right.