Manic Monday


Just another manic monday, wish it was Sunday - well i don't know about that- Sunday was pretty manic too. Let's see Sat. I did a ton of yard work ( but i found a $50 bill by the side of the road, that made it worthwhile - i think). Then Sun.-Easter- went to work at the Club to bartend/cashier, back home to finish the yard work, then quilt made me play ball with the boy - he taught me some pitching techniques. But the downside of all this, is that my arm is feeling the effects of all this activity; Ok Now we get to Monday:worked all day doin eye exams, then had a committee meeting that i was vouluteered to. But generally i just hate mondays, cause it's so hard getting back into the swing of things - no wonder.


Patry Francis said...

Wow, you didn't tell me about the $50!

Mary said...

... I just love posts like this. I start again this coming Friday. Don't work too hard.

rdl said...

Patry - yea but I think i'd rather have my back & arm workin rite again - that would def. be worth way more.
Mary - I'm glad you liked it cause I was gonna hit the delete button; but it's all i had and was too lazy to resurrect a saved draft.

Lee said...

Busy weekend!
Never tell anyone about $50!
Love the picture.

Lee said...

Yes, I linked to the pic because it had lovely rays of sunlight - crepuscular rays! It was Peter Bryenton's blog that prompted mine but then remembered yours. So, only fair to give credit! Thank you.