Perfect job


The other day this wild idea popped into my head - I thought of what the perfect job for me would've been: for those of you old enough (oh yea reruns)to remember the DicK Van Dyke show; i thought i'd like to be Sally (tho thinner and cuter - remember she couldn't get good dates), brainstorming skits, comedy with those two, dick van dyke and buddy. Or maybe better yet, Mary Tyler Moore. Just like now I always say what's a nice Jewish girl like me doing working for the doctor, i should be married to him; or even better - the other thing i always say to patients when they ask, "what's the doctor going to do?"; I say," yea, I guess I should be the poster child for Stay in school." It would be nice to have his paycheck stead of mine.

Seriously i always wanted to work in TV/film-production/editing.

What is/was your dream job?


Amishlaw said...

I would like to own a weekly newspaper in a small town in the Southwest and write outrageous editorials. Wait, I can write outrageous editorials now. But I'm in the Midwest; doesn't compare with the Southwest.

Patry Francis said...

I want to spend my next life dancing the tango in a red dress. Is that a job? Or maybe I'll make films with you.

rdl said...

amishlaw - that would be my 2nd choice- can i work on yr. paper
Patry-sure you're hired, we can dance in the red dresses after work.