G-d I love this show. It's my show of the season; the one I wait all week to watch. The character House is not your typical Young, dark and handsome. He's middle-aged, greying, limping and The show is exciting, moves along, makes you think, but most of all is a study in human nature and character.
My other show this year is Grey's Anatomy - but even tho this is another doctor show I must admit I'm into it for the soap opera factor.
Hate to admit this but... it's time to go watch Idol and vote. I know i've reached a new low.

Footnote, just found this in my drafts from back in Jan. just neededyet another quick cover-up post.


Lee said...

Ouch! (quizzical grin).

Mary said...

It's crossed the Atlantic, House has. And I agree with you about sexy. I'm also quite proud of Hugh Laurie's American accent. To my inexpert ear it sounds pretty authentic .... am I right?

rdl said...

Wow, mary, i didn't know Hugh was British!