A to Z Meme


I've been tagged by mb for another meme.

accent: none (i've been told kinda like midwest; but occasionally NJ slips thru in a word or 2)

booze: wine mostly, occasional margarita or martini

chore I hate: cleaning the cat box and poop patrol in yard and dusting and floors and paperwork and ...

dogs/cats: one young black lab and one ancient maine coon cat

essential electronics: computer,stereo,camara

favorite perfume/cologne: I rarely use any but i used to like Opium

gold/silver: either

hometown: Bayonne, NJ

insomnia: an old enemy

job title: ophthalmic technician, bartender, mother

kids: one

living arrangements: New england colonial in constant need of work- the money pit.

most admired trait: creativity

number of sexual partners: married

overnight hospital stays: last was for my gallbladder operation

phobia: rides

quote: Cherish your dreams and visions as they are the children of your soul,
the blueprints of your ultimate
achievements. Napoleon Hill

religion: Jewish - more a heritage, no religious upbringing really

siblings: one brother

time I usually wake up: 2or4 and 6:30AM

unusual talent: baton twirling

vegetable I refuse to eat: none that i can think of

worst habit: would have to be either not finishing what I start or not getting started (same as mb)

x-rays: back, right shoulder and elbow

yummy foods I make:pesto from basil from my garden (i'm not much of a cook)

zodiac sign: leo

tagging: Mary,Sky,Amishlaw,Jona ... and anyone else who cares to join in. Let me know if you do it!


Jona said...

Determined to get me posting, eh? Thanks ;o)

And BTW loved yours!

rdl said...

Jona - Yup! can't wait to read yours!

MB said...

Oh, that garden basil pesto is something else, isn't it! It's THE reason I grow a garden each year.

Thanks for being game — this was fun to read!

snowsparkle said...

interesting cluster of job titles... makes me want to go back and read your posts from day one! thanks for visiting my blog too!

Mary said...

Ooh goody, I've been tagged. And I like this one. I agree about the chores.