cover-up posting


You know, when you just want to post to cover up that previous post( am i repeating myself - this sounds very familiar; but i am so sleep deprived that I either don't care or too lazy to see if i've used that phrase before . I guess i should just take a sabattical cause all i seem to do lately is piss & moan about my wretched life and how i'm too busy to post properly, so i just fire out some lame drivel; but then i guess who am I trying to impress - all you nice folks who stop by, that's who. Dont' want to bore you guys day after day with the same drivel. ok i am officially going to stop using that word, but i don't want to keep saying.. crap - will have to come up with some new material. But all that said, sometime I do want to impress and sometimes i just want to vent and sometimes i just want to practice writing, tho I think i should brush off my editing skills and try and come up with a proper post one of these damn days.


Lee said...

It's your blog. It serves your purposes. You don't HAVE to post anything in particular. Whatever inspiration takes you will also take us.

Amishlaw said...

I think most of us have those days. But I've learned that things change. The bad days may go on interminably, but then eventually, inevitably, the good days will come.

Sky said...

i think you could chill out and find something that thrills your heart and feeds your inner self so that your spirit is soaring a bit. i bet you would feel better after this little retreat! :) go play somewhere wonderful and when you feel like it tell us about it.

i might just do the same thing!

:) happy adventure.

rdl said...

Thanks lee and a-law(-hope you don't mind me giving you a nickname).
Sky you are so right. when do we leave? how bout a bloggers convention?

Amishlaw said...

a-law is fine. It's better than some of the a- nicknames I've been given ;)