What's wrong with this picture?


Everyone in my house seems to know how to relax cept me. see that nice new chair/lounger - i bought it for myself for Mother's Day - have i used it yet? nope.
My husband has no problem reading or sleeping the day away when he's not at work. My son loves to relax (ie watch TV/video games/computer)after school or always if not on a field - playing sports.
So what is wrong with me? do i have an unbelievable guilt conscious, like i don't deserve to relax or can i simply not.I even was home sick from work with my bad arm -a Dr's note and everything.
I used to be able to relax on beaches or boats (especially with a drink in my hand). But then you are away from yr. house/responsibilities.

Thank g-d for blogging.


Jona said...

I can only relax when everything is done. And it's never all done ;o)

Mary said...

Sorry you're sick. Ouch! I think relaxation is something that some of us have to learn. To others it comes naturally, but not people like you and me ...

Yes, being away helps. But in the meantime don't get even more tense because you can't relax. Take just a couple of minutes at a time.

rdl said...

jona - and that is the crux of our problem - it's never all done, we've got to face that and let go.
Mary- wish you lived nearby so i could get one of those massages.