Maybe winter's not so bad


Spring and summer are my favorite seasons - all those beautiful flowers bloomin (but the allergies) and summer - the warm sun and sand and magnificent ocean ( that is too cold to enter in these parts). But, still there's... gardening, barbecues, lazy days at the beach. With Spring just springin I find myself already longing for those easy days of winter-stay in with a good book by the fire-trade that margarita in for a nice glass of merlot or brandy.
I'm not really this negative but pain in my shoulder/elbow - constant reminder that I'm not 20 anymore and I already have a touch of poisen ivy. But baseball season is upon us andI get to see my #1 son shine; he so loves the game that it's truly infectious .
Maybe Fall is the answer, yard work done -wait in quiet resignation for ole man winter.

Careful what you wish for - I wrote this on April 21 on a beautiful day when i over did it in the yard; now here it is 19 days later - rainy and raw and i'm cranky cause i can't get out in my yard!
I guess you really do need to post in real time, cause your perspective sure can change. Kind of like the weather in New England.


Patry Francis said...

I like rainy for the same reason you like winter. I'm here working on my final copyedits over my cup of coffee, and when I look out the window, I don't feel like I'm missing a thing.

MB said...

The trick seems to be looking for and finding the best angle on whatever that current situation is! I'm not all that good at doing so, but I'm trying to learn. Hope your shoulder's better by now!

Miss Cellania said...

I've had enough of rain. Can't even get the garden plowed, and its past tomato planting day! Love your pictures, I have bleeding hearts myself. I considered posting a picture and saying something about them illustrating my political views!

Marewheeee said...

Great picture. Love bleeding hearts.
After 4 solid months of Sun, I am enjoying the gloomy New England weather. (I know,I know) The rain, the mist and the roar of the ocean down the street.Every thing so green and the ocean smell.
Makes me want to garden. Really!

Dr. Charles said...

i love living in an area of the country that still gets all 4 seasons... just when you've had enough of the current it's time for a change. glad to have you in the tomato contest! check back on the first sunday of June :)