and i'm still awake writing this song .....(what song and who sings that?) Just Breathe by ? anna Nalick??

Well it was really 3:15 AM when the doorbell rang : I look at the clock and wait for my husband, who is sleeping in the next room, to get up. I'm assuming it's my stepdaughter stumbling in (instead at 2AM-her curfew) and thinking that someone locked the door by mistake and that well she can go around to the deck door (which is always open). The dog is making barking sounds and since noone else seems to be getting up, I do and go downstairs and look outside and see a police cruiser out front. I call up to said husband and he goes out- seems she left her headlights on ??? are our police overzealous or what. she slept thru this but now i am wide awake, tried reading but then decide to take a sleeping pill, hell i don't have to get up in the morning, right? Wrong

At 6:15 my son comes in to ask me if it is Sun. or Mon. (his alarm went off); i tell him to go back to sleep. Later at 9:30 when i awake I wonder if i dreamt that part but at breakfast he talks about it so i guess it did happen.

So even when i'm not suffering from insomnia I can't get any sleep around here.

And you think it's easy being me.


Lee said...

I'm exhausted reading it. I think I will just lie down and have a wee rest...

ipanema said...

we have our days
the good ones
the bad ones
and then they'll pass
just another day.

Your present state reminds me of this song. You can sing along or just ignore this. If you need to talk, email me. will always be here.


I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
Men weren't meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
Inside of me
Inside me
Inside me
Inside of me

I'm only a man
In a funny red sheet
I'm only a man
Looking for a dream

I'm only a man
In a funny red sheet
And it's not easy, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

It's not easy to be me


Liquid said...

I need to give you my phone number.
That or hit me with an email these days. I am usually awake listening to the traffic in the woods surrounding my home.

Love the song!

rdl said...

lee- i want your life!

ipanema - i like that song! Thanks friend.

Liquid, liquid, liquid - i might kist do that.