Barack Obama



I watched the speeches last night after the landslide victory of Barack Obama.
His speech was spot on - inspirational and telling it like it is.

The Clinton's speech - well, it was more of the same - posturing. Don't get me wrong; I actually like them. Was undecided between her and Barack for awhile and I liked Bill (liked him as president(economy good, no war), liked his personality - he is a Leo and he plays a mean saxophone).

But last night I made up my mind.

I'm just a little nervous because I'm not sure the Democrats can "bring it". Why are the Republicans so savvy/masters at disguise/i mean marketing. They get the moral majority bandwagon going there in the middle lands and it's all over for us idealists.
But then sometimes I can't even believe that we actually have a woman and a black man running. So who knows maybe the unbelievable can happen if you dream.; maybe things can happen if you dream.

(1/29/05 Footnote: Matt over at Nova Dad has a great post up on his Republican take on Obama, please go read. )


Lee said...

As an outsider with no vote and only a passing interest, I would choose Obama based on what little I have seen.

Amishlaw said...

rdl, I shared your skepticism that Barack could pull it off when he first ran in Illinois. He's a political genius. Everything I'm reading is that the Republicans are more scared of him than they are of Billary. The minute they get the nomination, the Republican attack machine will shift into overdrive and we will get all that crap they were putting out in the 90s. It's time to move on.

rdl said...

Lee- i knew i liked you.
A-law- my them do u mean Barack or Hillary;and was that a typo or intentional (funny).

ipanema said...

if i am in the US, I guess, I'll vote for him as well.

and yes, dreams do come true. perhaps if the stars will align with the Leo on election day, then let's rejoice. :)

i like Bill Clinton when he was in the Office as well. :)

Liquid said...

I seem to get more confused as we go along......still watching, listening.

Noelle said...

This is ours to lose. The Republicans are in such bad shape, but we should never underestimate them. I think I love Obama, but I'm trying hard to not let it consume me.

rdl said...

ipanema - i hope you Are in the US and vote for him and come see me!

liquid - what would your girl, Oprah, think if she heard you!

noelle - maybe we should work for him.

Sky said...

well, rdl, i like him lots, and if it were 8 years from now i would be in his corner with my megaphone. but, i am afraid he doesn't have the international experience necessary to really solve the big problems we face in a multitude of areas and is also lacking experience on the domestic front. when they discuss policy issues and measures of resolution in the debates, hillary surpasses them both without exception in the depth and breadth of her insight, factual knowledge, and formulated plans of action.

i am not sure if this country is more racist than sexist and/or if either of them can win in november, but i am going to vote for hillary and hope with all my might that she wins.

i also like the idea of getting 2 for one, especially when "one" made my life much more comfortable for 8 years. i believe that there is strength in experience and in the understanding which comes from having been there before. bill clinton restored the country (and the budget) when he was in office, and had he kept his pants on he likely would have left a legacy greater than any before him. i believe hillary is his equal in aptitude and intellect. her exposure to every element of leadership at that level, up close and personal, in conjunction with her personal involvement with national policy, her life-long dedication to domestic policy reform, and her established relationships with foreign leaders and diplomats only heighten my belief that she is THE ONE.

our differences here may be the living proof of how the demographics fall! :)

rdl said...

Sky - but she was for the war in Iraq.
I guess the hippie in me just see this as a chance for Change. And I just love to hear this guy talk/he has such a presence about him, i think he can handle international affairs just as well if not better.
I'm going with my gut.
As for ?Demographics - i thought the West Coast was ahead of the East in new things. :D

Sky said...

She initially voted for the war because she believed the LIES the senate was told about the WMD. She is not for the war.

Demographics meaning our ages! :) I am older. (The "older" crowd of women support Hillary!) I am a boomer, R. I am a hippie of the late '60s - when Kent State and Woodstock were happening. Friends died in VietNam. I was wearing love beads when Berkeley was the place to be! Sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations during the Viet-Nam war caused police to react with violence. Assassinations of men who wanted change, civil rights marches, laws changing but at what great costs - so many memories of such an extraordinary time in history.

My friends have kids in their late 20s and early 30s. You may be older than I realize, but I assumed from your child's age that you are about 15-20 years younger than I am.

In terms of the west coast VS the east - let's see what happens in CA. Yes, in general we are more progressive on this coast, I suspect. I imagine Hillary will win the state, but I do think Obama's momentum (with the younger crowd, especially) is growing so I expect him to be somewhat more successful in CA than we earlier anticipated.

Obama is a fine candidate. I just don't think we have the luxury of time for him to gain more experience, explore the playing field, develop and nurture relationships (which he will be great at given his ability to attract people), etc. It is a matter of time and the ugency of the moment. I think given all those factors Hillary is a better choice.

It is sort of like this: (a true story) A friend had a malformation of vessels in her brain which began to cause brain bleeds, ultimately life threatening. There were 6 docs in the country who had done the specific surgery she needed in the same area of the brain (near the brain stem). She interviewed them all. She ultimately chose the one who had done the surgery the most times and whose patients had the most successful outcomes following his work. She is alive and well.

You have to go with what feels right to you. We all do. Hillary and her expertise and experience feels right to me as we face these crises on every front.

rdl said...

Sky- I am a card carrying hippie is all i will say as far as my age goes. I was in Washington demonstrating against the war in viet-nam and i think this might be precisely why I'm voting for him.

Sky said...

well, just blow me away, girl! i would never have guessed you would have had a gray hair in your head!


ipanema said...

it's nice to see change. ever since, i rooted for him, not those widely publicised politicians. and it looks promising. am crossing my fingers! :)