Is this my midlife crisis?


Today i got up begrudgingly, like i always do. Why is it that I can always sleep at 6:30 AM when the alarm goes off, but not at 2AM? Today though was going to be different. I had an interiew for a job today. A new job, a job I was excited about. I had laid out clothes the night before. I even packed up makeup to take with me to work. And after work i went into the bathroom and changed out of my scrubs and sneakers and into some "street clothes" and my stylish high heel boots. I even touched up my makeup and fixed up my hair. I walked into that interiew confidant and I think I pulled it off; we'll see at the end of the week - he said they'd call by Friday - Monday the latest for the 2nd string of interviews.

It's going to be a long week.


Lorna said...

my hopes and prayers are with you. But make-up and boots count for more.

Lee said...

Nothing about going for a better job that is midlife crisis flavoured.

Good luck!

ipanema said...

hey, goodluck to you! :)

melly said...

good luck, good luck!

Noelle said...

Oh man, this is the worst part! All the best -

rdl said...

Thanks Lorna, yeah thank g-d for make-up ;D
Lee - i guess i did leave out the midlife parts - maybe part 2
Ipanema - Thanks!
Melly - So nice to see u again!
Noelle - ain't that the truth.

Sky said...

LOL at Lee!

Good for you. Now tell us something, even a tiny bit about the job you are hoping for. What would you be doing? Closer to home? Fill us in! Sending out good vibes with your photo on them!

rdl said...

thanks sky, as soon as i get over crying in my beer there might be a part II.