Last chance


to sway my decision ( if I can make one) on the new name for my blog. "When I Grow Up" came from my 1st post and tho it has grown on me I think I know very well that ain't ever gonna happen. As Woody Allen says in ?which movie?.."I'm not going to live long enough to finish therapy." Also as I've mentioned before I'm tired of coming up on the google search for "When I grow up poems." These were the original contenders ; but I have settled on these (i think):

When The Spirit Moves You
Jersey Girl

Unfortunately even tho Spaghetti and Meatballs got the most votes and is kinda funny, my serious side just can't seem to do that one.
So I'm still taking votes and suggestions.

Well, i wrote this 2nd post in May and now here it is October again - time for a decision. This is from a year ago and since I just remembered that Jersey Girl is that awful movie with JLo, i guess i'm ditching that so it comes down to.... A) When the Spirit Moves You or B) the current "When I Grow Up".
or maybe Just Write since that unfortunately has been vacated.


Sky said...

ok - here is my suggestion: if you are serious about changing the name, you could consider giving yourself a deadline but allow a bit more time (since you just discarded one of the choices)...say jan 31st.

now put on your thinking cap - what are your hobbies, what are some of your favorite things, what might be relevant about the place you live to the life you live (or want to live), what are your secret desires/plans/hopes, what is a line from a poem or prose which says something pertinent about your view of life or love, etc. make a list of things that really define you in some kind of way...and then give us a list of your favs from the longer list so we can vote!

that is my vote on this subject right now. :)

Amishlaw said...

I still like "When I Grow Up."

rdl said...

Sky - a deadline? gulp?
A-law: i know i almost just deleted this because i do kind of agree with you. i hope you saw yr. award just below this last post.

yeah i think i will just drop the whole idea until i really want to do it.
It was between Just Write and When the Spirit Moves You; tho leaning to the latter since I like posting photos too.

Amishlaw said...

I think you'd like to make some changes in your life, and changing the name of your blog is easier than some others. (Free pop psychology here.) If you really need to make a change and this is the easiest one, go ahead and do it. But I like "When I Grow Up."

Panaderos said...
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Panaderos said...

The process of "growing up" never really ends for us. There's always something new to learn and/or experience in life. "When I Grow Up" still has my vote because it is a phrase that will always be true.

Liquid said...

Personally, I like "When I Grow Up". It is a frequently used term for most Leo's I know. lol
Heck, it almost excuses our intense playful attitude toward life. From what I know of you, and what I like about you, it is so perfectly fitting for you.

Love the humor, the photos, the jokes, and yes .... that seriously sensitive side of you!

Do as you wish dear, but yup,
"When I Grow Up", has my vote too.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

When I Grow Up is so you.
Love you rdl :D