A day late and a dollar short


As is my usual way - I'm late. I started this more personal post last week, knowing that "The Liar's Diary Day " ( see previous post) was coming up soon. But then feeling self conscious i just went with the generic copycat posting that was offered.
But still having the nagging feeling that this just wasn't good enough for one of my Best Friends.
Plus I never got to ask all you wonderful blog buddies to please Buy the book. I should've had a contest - yeah a contest - i love contests!! for a signed copy of the book - after all I do know the author and all. So ok I've decided whoever leaves a comment here saying that they would like to read the book, i will enter in a drawing for a signed copy of the book. The rest of you nice folks will just have to go out and buy it for yourselves.

I met Patry many moons ago in Vermont. We were cocktail waitresses at a nightclub. We became fast friends- it was us against them. I was a vegetarian, she was a mother.... and a writer - a wonderful writer.
Luckily for both of us our careers there were not longlived and we both left Vermont shortly thereafter. Patry moved to Amherst with her 2 adorable boys and I tried out DC. After breaking up with my boyfriend in DC, I headed back to Vermont , but stopped in Amherst, MA to visit my friend, Patry, first. The rest as they say is history.

Last Jan. i received a call we'd been waiting for for awhile (but i always knew would come) and last Feb.2nd The Liar's Diary came out.

Yesterday the paperback came out- I'm asking all of you (over there on my blogroll) to please go buy the book( buy 2 - one for someone else) and blog about it too.

(And don't forget if you leave a comment that you would like to read the book, i'll enter you to win a signed copy in my little contest- just as soon as I get back from my vacation to Fla. - leaving on Fri. and since i have to work tmrrw. and pack (horrors!!) I'll pick the winner on my return (after Wed.) I'll be bringing my laptop and I might post from there if time allows.)


Amishlaw said...

Does it count if I say I want to read the book again? I've read it once, and it's very good. But I don't have an autographed copy. So, can I be in the drawing?

Lorna said...

since I can't buy the paperback yet, and if I win the draw, can I have an autographed paperback?

Noelle said...

I'll do even better: I'll try and sell some to my customers today.

Thanks for the backstory!

Noelle said...

By the way, I'm just getting around to mailing my prizes from December. Can you send me your address? Email me at dailytannenbaum @ gmail.com

Liquid said...

Sounds like I MUST read this book!
I'd love to!
Have a super sunshine-y trip to Florida.
Be sure and dig your toes into the sand, deep, for me!

Have fun!

Sky said...

nice post. have a fabulous time on your vacation! :)

i can't believe that i fogot to take my copy to dinner when we met patry and ted in seattle so i never got mine signed! :( maybe i will send it to her one day to sign, or better yet i could take it with me when we go to new england. maybe we can meet you, too!

NoVA Dad said...

What a great post; I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to post anything about Patry over on my blog (my life has been crazy lately; lots of things on the horizon!) -- but it's never too late.

I've got a signed copy already, so no need to add me to the drawing. However, I'll add the caveat here that it's a great first novel and EVERYONE should read it.

Liquid said...

Missing you!