6 degrees of separation


6 degrees of separation explained here.

The day after the election, I just kind of wandered around and pinched myself - really, wow, cool, unbelievable!!

Later that night i went out to the store and upon walking in i saw someone from the election. I had only met her and her husband once; but i remember noting how her husband prefaced what he said to people on the phone banks that nite with "i'm a viet-nam vet". latter we laughed together when he said about that "well, then they can't be "mean" to me.
So when i see her walking into the store, i say hello and we hug and strike up a conversation- comrades. we exchange phone numbers.

The next day, i notice a tall dark haired woman in the waiting area at work. yup another Obama volunteer. i go over and say hi and we talk about where and what we did election night- another comrade.

six or seven degrees of separation for sure.


Lee said...

Uh-oh...be careful using 'comrade' - you will get the wacko-right all up in arms. Literally.

rdl said...

lee: note taken - should i just change that to friend?

Sky said...


small world, or the obama crowd all gravitate to the same places!

Lorna said...

glad to see you're over the election