GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee said...

Oh, I would if I could. The best I can offer is cheering from the bleachers.

Sky said...

i voted for obama 10 or so days ago! what a thrill it was, and i was so excited i forgot to take a photograph of my ballot before i mailed it!

it is 3:13 AM PST, and i am so excited about this magnificent day i feel like singing. those dixville notch votes were such a fabulous way to start things off at midnight. we are ready to begin a new journey, one which will start in just a few hours! so, girl, now you can relax!

musing said...

I just got back from casting my vote for Obama!

We are making history today.

Sky said...

And, now the new journey begins....We did it!

You must be beside yourself with joy!

We are now off for a fabulous celebratory dinner. it is barely 8 pm here!

rdl said...

YES!!! Thank G-d! We did it!!!