Trivia Thursday


Well if it weren't for Nablopomo there would be no post today - Grey's Anatomy is on, i still have to make the kid's lunch and I have nothing. Last night I was thinking of taking down this damn blog - yes i know it's a love/hate thing and i would miss it dearly. And yeah maybe i shouldn't have stopped my Prozac - it is winter and S.A.D. is real and of course there is my long history - nevermind- we're definitely not going there tonite.

Ok and since this blog looks like a bad case of days of the week underwear and it is Trivia Thursday, here is some trivia for you, or i should say something trivial.

well see here is my dilemma- I sold my sunroom/family room furniture to a friend who was moving last weekend - it's a long story and probably would make a better post than this.

i need to replace this couch so who out there has this new "microfiber" stuff. i can't believe that i'm considering this stuff since i absolutely hated it at first. Or should i take the big leap to leather ( hell i'm charging it anyway), is it worth it?
ok so place your vote now cause i ain't got anything to sit on.
microfiber or leather?


Lee said...

Can't say I know the microfibre stuff - we have leather chairs in the TV area (blue!) and they are OK. Not as cold as I feared they would be.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

I wish we had gone with leather when we bought new furniture two years ago. I regret not going with my first choice. We have friends that have leather furniture that has lasted them YEARS. They have 4 dogs and two kids, still looks nice.

I have leather seats in my SUV and I am shocked at how they are not cold or yucky feeling in the summer.


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

My friend said they went with a Group 1 leather, it is softer and easier to take care of. They bought it at Ashley Furniture.

Good Luck in your search. When I save up enough money I will be getting leather. I am not at all happy with what we purchased. It is the microfiber and the brand is Lane. I have actually sent them a letter letting them know the quality is disheartening with the price we paid for it.