Trivia Thursday


How many democratic presidents have there been and how many republican presidents have there been? (answer at bottom).

but first some techno questions for you:

can anyone out there tell me what the heck happenned to blogroll?? i don't think it's just mine - tho mine no longer updates; but if you click on it it tells you that they are having problems -check back. so is it time to abort? and if so now what? what next? bloglines - is it complicated? i seem to remember trying it once. could someone tell me how to do it easily? I also need to see if i can get site meter back on here - there was a problem with the blog awhile back and i had to delete it.

Answer to trivia question: There have been 14 Democratics and 17 Republicans, but during the 1800 there were the "Democratic-republicans" which is now just called the Democratic Party so counting that you would come up with a total of 18 Democrats and 17 Republican.

opinion poll:
my computer is 7 yrs. old - has had 2 hard drives replaced. As it stands now it is
s-l-o-w-well you'd be slow too if you only ;had 256 KG of ram memory. so those are the facts and i want to know if u think it is crazy to add more memory??
Vote here now: Yes/No/ Say it isn't so ( your 2 cents). and while we're at it, how do you do those poll thingies??


Lee said...

Is it still doing what you want it to? All things considered, I'd probably upgrade.