Manic Monday


Due to technical difficutlties this post is going to be short and to the point since the only reason that i am posting is because of this damn nablopomo. I am dead tired - i only got 3 or 4 hrs. sleep last nite since i woke up at 2AM I managed to muddle thru 8 hrs. of work. but the mouse in the den is not working so i'm on the laptop which i don't really like unless i'm on vacation and since it's like 30 degrees out i don't think i'm on vacation. And thedamn hi-tech lights over the kitchen island went out tonite too. i'm feeling especially technically challanged; so instead of getting freaked out about all this stuff that i need to get fixed, i'm going to bed.


Lee said...

Ah yes! They never put that in the instruction manuals but "5.6 Go to bed and worry about it tomorrow" should always be in the options menu.

JC said...

Hope things are looking brighter for you this morning!

Sky said...

great resolution choice, i think. hope you got some good rest.

interesting - i like my laptop so much more than our desktop.