Best little time wasters


My best friend used to say that we were the best little time wasters in the world. I can remember going over her house for coffee in the morning and shooting the shit. Rehashing the events of the day or night before (this was in the days of disco - another story). Then we would have lunch and before you knew it it was tea time or if we were feeling particularly wasteful and had some extra dough we would head downtown for Bart's chocolate cake, the best chocolate cake ever.

So this morning that phrase came to mind when I was driving around to yard sales with my son. And now here i am online on the computer ( another little timewaster) but the clock is ticking and it's almost noon so the fun is over have to race to the bank fore 12 and then lunch for the kid and endless laundry and chores. Ho hum.


Patry Francis said...

I almost forgot about this.