Forcing myself


Ok its' sunday morning and I've had my coffee, put in a load of laundry and drove the kid to baseball practice. I don't have a clue of what I am writing about here; I think I am just avoiding cleaning the bathrooms and the nasty cat box. Actually my yard work is beckoning me cause it is a beautiful day and a legitimate excuse not to do housework. My motto is just keep moving, don't give your right name. I guess I've always been good at excuses. I remember in High School when we were going over some kids house for basically a makeout party - music/low lights in someones basement. Loved those finished basements - away from the peering eyes of grown ups. I usually used the movie excuse and researched what it was about and everything. Ready with my lie.
Just reread the part about the legitimate excuse, I guess Imust feel blogging is not legitimate cause it just seems like dear diary; don't know where I am going with it. But it appeals to my underfed creative self. The garden is beckoning. I know Patti I always bail just when I'm getting going. Lazy Leo.